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We’re a group of four friends who write romance novels. We started this website as a communal way to share news about our upcoming books, our thoughts on writing and reading, and random fun things that we all enjoy, like recipes, helpful websites, and maybe some easy-on-the-eyes pictures now and again. Whether you’re a reader, a writer, or just someone, sitting in front of your computer, asking it to entertain you, we’re glad you stopped by.

Along with funny conversations that straddle the line of silly and sexy, we’ll share our book releases, newsletter, and giveaways with you. It’s like one stop shopping: one site, four authors.


The latest from the blog:

  • A not so posty post

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m finding I need a little more positive self talk lately. It could be the rain. I rains a LOT in B.C. We get little glimpses of the sunshine but it’s just not enough. The outside world– which I only pay attention to via Twitter– can be a scary place, so I’m working on saying and thinking happy things. Today, I’m not posting so much as just sharing some favorite quotes that I”m trying to hang onto when the days seem longer than they should.









    Do you have any favorite quotes that you find yourself going back to and using for motivation?


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