A bookish Mother’s Day

I was struggling with what to chat about today– sometimes my brain feels like it went on a spur of the moment vacation.

Realizing it’s Mother’s Day this week made think…hmm, know what I’d like? To curl into my brand new mattress with all of my cozy pillows and my Kindle, with some Diet Pepsi at my side. My children can visit me in my bedroom throughout the day and bring me chocolate treats and warm hugs. I’ll leave the bed to come down for dinner, but only because I don’t want everyone else eating in my bed. I might decide to take my fleece blanket and curl up on the couch with my Kindle instead, but just for a change of scenery.

This would be awesome! And because I have a pretty kick-ass family, it will happen to some extent. Of course, it’ll also include at least one “knock it off”, several “shhh’s”, a few “I don’t want to’s” (from me saying I don’t want to do anything other than I described) and very likely, some socializing.

Since I’m posting this with plenty of time for you to remember it’s Mother’s Day, I thought I would offer some suggestions for the moms (or yourself) in your life.

(*Disclaimer…this list is just for fun and off the top of my very sleepy head.)

The Sporty Mom (Simply Irresistible)

I don’t like sports much, but I LOVE sports romance. Rachel Gibson is my absolute favorite author for sports romance. Check out Simply Irresistible, the first in her Chinooks Hockey Series. I enjoyed every one of the books in this series. One of my favorite things is getting to see players from previous books make an appearance. If mom likes funny, sexy, and sporty, this is a great pick.


The Traveling Mom (Landing the Air Marshal)

If mom is up in the air, this extremely sexy book might get her through her flight a little easier. And of course, because all of the best things do, it ends with a happily ever after.


The Back to College Mom (Trusting Tanner)

Newly released, it’s more fun to read about college frat parties than wake up the morning after one. Check out Tanner and get to know him and his brothers. Hot, sexy, and funny.


The Homebody Mom (The Magnolia Story)

How about a change of pace? Mom doesn’t feel like another romance book right now? This book is adorable and sweet and feels very much like you’re watching the television show with Chip and Joanna. For a quick, fun, happy read, get mom this one.


The Busy Mom (Cappuccinos, Cupcakes, and a Corpse)

Mom doesn’t have time to get tangled up in a page turning full length novel? This series is quick, light, and suits the cozy genre to a tea (haha).


The Writer Mom (Write Naked)

If mom is a writer starting out or has a back list of titles, this one has been highly recommended by man. I got mine today (Happy Mother’s Day to me) and can’t wait to dive in.


The Animal Loving Mom (Puppy Love)

Here’s the first in a sweet series by the lovely Kelly Moran. If mom likes curling up with her dog or cat while she reads, maybe she’d like this one.

The Funny Mom (Furiously Happy)

How about a break from everything else? Jenny Lawson’s book will make mom laugh even while she feels for and connects with the author.

Even if you’re not a mom, any one of these books is well worth the time and everyone deserves a day to cozy up with a good book and just relax. I hope you get yours.