A TBR Challenge Review by Dylann

I’ve been eyeing the growing pile of books in my TBR pile for quite a while and finally decided to do something about it. So I joined a book review challenge last month, fashionably after the review date, so I’m excited to be participating with my first TBR Challenge of the year. The theme of this month was to read something by an author who’s new-to-you and I picked best-selling author Maisey Yates.

The book I chose is One Night Charmer about bartender Ace Thompson and local rich girl Sierra West. It’s part of the Copper Ridge series. Even though Ms. Yates published several other books in the series before this one, it read like a standalone and I was never confused or felt like I was missing out since I haven’t yet read any of the others.

Ace Thompson is a bad boy. He knows it and he doesn’t apologize or make excuses about the choices he makes or the way he lives his life. But when he gives local spoiled princess Sierra West a job at the bar he owns, his way of life begins to catch up with him. I liked Ace right from the start. But then again, I’m a sucker for a really good bad boy. I loved the way Ms. Yates unwrapped his character, flaws and all, little by little throughout the book. By the end the reader knows he’s a big softie on the inside.

Sierra West is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in Copper Ridge. When she finds out her family isn’t the picture-perfect ideal, she moves away from her family’s ranch and decides to strike out on her own. She manages to get a job waiting tables at the bar, a place she thought was beneath her at the start of the story. As she tried to make it on her own, she proved she can handle a lot more than she thinks she can, and by the end I was rooting for her to get her HEA.

One Night Charmer is a love story. Ace and Sierra share some sizzling chemistry and the tension between them crackles as they navigate their way through the personal issues holding them back. But it’s also so much more. Ms. Yates weaves multiple subplots through the story so that by the time Ace and Sierra reconcile for good, they’ve both made so much progress in their personal lives that they’re finally able to fully commit to each other. For Ace, it’s forgiving himself for things that happened long ago and for Sierra it’s finally finding her footing after relying on her family and her name for so long.

The way Ms. Yates brought everything to a satisfying close and tied everything together earned her major brownie points from me and I flipped the last page with a smile and an appreciation for a story well told. I’ll definitely be picking up more Copper Ridge novels, although sadly, the ones I order online will most likely be missing the personalized, autographed title page.

Thanks Wendy the Super Librarian for putting the TBR Challenge together and giving me the motivation to move a book from my TBR pile to my read pile. Although, I liked this one so much I’ll have to keep it so I STILL have an overflowing bookcase! See you next month when I’ll review a comfort read. What’s in your TBR pile? I challenge you to read a new-to-you author this month, too and then report back and let me know what you think!