ABC’s of my bookshelf


Have you ever played that car game where you have to find letters of the alphabet on street signs in order? We play kind of a variation of that when my kids are getting antsy in the car (okay…it is actually me that gets antsy in the car. You do NOT want to go on a road trip with me).

I was thinking about how my kids and I go through the alphabet, each of us having to say an author or a book title for the next letter and thought it might be fun to do a four part series blog post. So for today, and the next three Tuesdays that I post, I’m going to give everyone a little peek of my bookshelf and some of my favorite authors. This week will be A-F. Ready?

A: Angels Fall by Nora Roberts. Easy. This is one of my favorite books. It is a book I can quote from easily and some times do as a stress relieving trick. I can’t be the only one that recites lines from books they know to calm themselves, right? If I am, we’ll just pretend I DON’T do that.

Brody and Reece are two of my favorite characters ever and I think little pieces of them (and a few others that will make the list) inspire my characters. She’s fully neurotic and anxious (with an extremely good reason) and he’s a do-what-I-want guy who isn’t looking for the love of his life. I re read this book frequently.



B: Brown. Sandra Brown. I can tell you that my first Sandra Brown read was Fat Tuesday. And thus, I was hooked on romantic suspense. I have read so many of her books and my favorites are the ones that combine the suspense and love perfectly. Fat Tuesday was excellent, but my other favorites include Chill Factor, Ricochet, and Mean Streak. She always gives a happy ending, which makes her a safe read for me.



C: Carly Phillips is one of my longtime favorite authors. My favorite series of hers is Serendipity. This series is how I fell in love with small town romance. When you read a story you truly enjoy, you don’t want it to end. I absolutely adore all of those awesome characters you meet in a good book getting their own story. I love getting an update on where the characters from the other books ended up. If you haven’t read this one, the Barron brothers are an enjoyable treat. Ethan, Nash, and Dare were probably three of my original book boyfriends, before I even knew that was a thing.



D: Detective Michael Bennett. Have you read this series by James Patterson? I devoured JP for quite a while. I loved Women’s Murder Club until it got really far into the series. I think after Book 9, I was okay with reading it or not because I knew everything worked out for Lindsey Boxer. Have I mentioned I need to have Happily Ever After? Well, Michael Bennett’s story isn’t exactly happy. In book one, his beloved wife dies and leaves him with their ten adopted children. When I read the back cover copy, I was like, what? How can anyone write a story with ten kids and have them be an active part of the story? Then I remembered, oh yeah, James Patterson can do anything. I don’t read nearly as much romantic suspense as I used to, but the new Michael Bennett was on my Christmas list this year. I really enjoy seeing what him and his crew are up to as he keeps the streets of New York safe.


E: Emily Giffin. My friend finds it funny that I’m such a huge fan, only because she knows me and some of the books I love are ones that…well, ones that she thinks I wouldn’t love. Something Borrowed is one of these books that surprises her that I enjoyed. When an author can take a subject that isn’t pleasing (cheating on your girlfriend, sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend) and make you root for the one technically in the wrong, they have a very strong talent. Likewise, when they can make you like a character in a book that you previously hated, they are masters of story telling. I very much enjoyed The One & Only. I read an interview with her once and she said she loved to take these completely difficult situations and play them out. She definitely does that in her work.



F: Fan Art by Sarah Tregay (she follows me on Twitter, which makes me immensely happy). This book. Wow. It is so sweet and heart warming and it gives a perfect snapshot of how it feels to be on the cusp of the rest of your life and in love and uncertain. I was so fully invested in these characters and the story and I wanted their happiness so much. My daughter bought me this book for Christmas because I kept stopping by the bookstore to re read the end. Now I can just pull it off of my own shelf to do that.

So that’s it for segment one of ABCs of my bookshelf. Do you have any of these books? Have you read them? Enjoyed them? Think I’m crazy for enjoying any of them? A-F…what’s on your shelf?