Audio is In when you’re Out & About

Somedays it’s hard to say what I love best about romance books… the writing or the reading. Unfortunately, if I’m carting kids around or running errands I usually don’t have much time to do either. (Yes, that’s supposed to be me with a car full of kids. Not sure why one of them looks like Kramer…)


That’s when I pull out my earbuds and listen to an audio book or one of the awesome podcasts about writing or what’s going on in the romance genre. Here are some of my favorite places to find both:

Audio Books: – First choice, hands down! I used to have a membership but have since let it lapse. I highly recommend them if you know exactly what you’re looking for or have a favorite author in mind.

Hoopla – I recently learned that I can borrow audio books and movies with a library card through Hoopla. You’re limited to a max number each month but they’ve got some great stuff on there.

One Click Digital – Another perk with my library card. I’ve listened to books by Rachel Gibson, Jill Shalvis, and many others. I love access to FREE audiobooks!


If you’re a reader and don’t have time to listen to a whole book, how about one of these relatively short podcasts ABOUT books?

Smart Bitches Trashy Books – My “go-to” site when I need a pick me up or want to take a break from writing. They’re funny, irreverent and full of great information for readers and writers.

XOXO After Dark – They don’t post as often, but they have some fun interviews and sassy content.

Harlequin – The romance giant has dozens of author spotlights, editor interviews and book chats on their website. Perfect for a quick listen if you’re on the go.

And if you’re a writer, there are so, so, so, so many options out there! My favorites are the ones below:

Joanna Penn — Not only does she talk to the superstars in the industry, but she’s from England so I absolutely love tuning in to hear her accent. She always sounds so chipper — I picture her sitting at a desk with a china teacup while she chats away. She shares the best information and I always learn something new.

Rocking Self Publishing – Simon Whistler interviews successful authors who let listeners in on how they got to where they are in their career. Episodes last about an hour and are chock full of useful info.

Self Publishing Formula – An experienced author, Mark Dawson, co-hosts with a newbie, James Blatch. They cover great topics and have some super informative guests. This one’s on my “not miss” list.

Helping Readers Become Authors – K.M. Weiland has over 350 episodes stockpiled on her website for your listening pleasure. She has amazing tips and talks about everything from basic writing and storytelling skills to expert tricks to take your writing to the next level.

Your Creative Life  – This one’s been recommended but I haven’t had a chance to dig in yet. So many things to do, so few hours in the day! But I’ve skimmed over the episode descriptions and it sounds wonderful!

There you are… some of my favorite resources for audiobooks and podcasts! Just make sure you don’t get too distracted by the helpful info… we don’t want you to get hurt if you’re trying to multitask!