Back to my book shelf!

Okay, so I was going to do an A-Z post on my book shelf…remember that? I did A through F and talked about my favorite authors, series, and books beginning with those letters.

Fridays are typically our free for all days here on Romance Chicks and Tuesdays are for more bookish things. I was going to do the book shelf post on Tuesdays but the other chicks are far better at signing up than me. I tend to be a little forgetful.

So, for my Friday Freebie, I’m going to do something bookish and carry on from G through L.

Let’s get started.

G: Gibson. As in, Rachel Gibson. I LOVE Rachel Gibson. Her characters are funny, sweet, silly, and completely relatable. I picked up my first RG back when Zellers was still a thing. It was See Jane Score. This book made me smile and hooked me on the author. Some of my favorite books are The Trouble with Valentine’s Day, Sex, Lies, & Online Dating, and I’m in No Mood for Love. And how’s this for art imitating life? The Sex, Lies & Online Dating book is the first of four in a series. It features four writer friends and their adventures. Okay, so only the fact that four writers are friends connects the books to the chicks, but still.

H:Honk and Holler Opening Soon by Billie Letts. I read this a long time ago because I fell in love with Where the Heart Is. Both of these books give an accurate depiction of what it’s like when life isn’t perfect, but somehow things work out anyway. The characters in this book (and the first) stayed with me for a really long time after I read it.

I: Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. This book and the other two in the series are absolutely adorable. They are young adult reads at their very best. If you’re going to read the books in order, start with Anna and the French Kiss.

J: Jody…just kidding. Jill Shalvis. Lucky Harbor was my first introduction to Jill Shalvis and definitely enough to keep me going back for more. And while I’ve read dozens of Jill’s books, those first three I read about sisters Maddi, Chloe, and Tara are my favorite. In particular, Chloe and Sawyer’s story. Like Carly Phillips, Jill Shalvis is able to create this fictional place that feels like it should be on a real life map. I want to stop by Lucky Harbor and go to the bed and breakfast there and try out the spa. I want to get on the town’s funny Facebook page. Obviously, this is impossible, but when you’re reading the series, she does such a great job of drawing you in, it doesn’t feel like fiction.

K: Kinsella. Sophie Kinsella’s writing is both charming and sweet. My most recent favorite of hers was I’ve Got your Number. I’ve actually enjoyed many of her books though I have only read one of the Shopaholic series. Undomestic Goddess remains a favorite of hers. She has such a cute way of writing characters that makes you feel like you could be friends with them.

L: Liars & Losers Like Us by Ami Allen Vath. Because I’m actually a sixteen year old trapped inside a forty year old, I LOVE teenage drama that ends well. I can’t handle anything too dark, but I can take realistic parent drama, friend issues, and crushes. If there’s a happy ending. I’m honored to call Ami a friend because not only is she a great writer, she’s a really cool person. I loved this book. The writing was genuine and captured real life teen issues in a touching and poignant way. You should read it. And also follow Ami on twitter cause she’s awesome.

There you have it. Do you love any of these authors or books? Do you have an author or book in the G-L zone you can’t get enough of?