Book Shop

With conference season coming (here?) a lot of authors are talking about swag. These are the little tokens of appreciation that are handed out, like bookmarks, pens, cups, that sort of thing. As authors, we wonder what to give away and as readers, we love to get our hands on anything that relates to our favorite books or story tellers.

Even if I wasn’t an author, I’d be obsessed with bookish items. Below is the top of my laptop. You can see I’m a fan of Rainbow Rowell and Alice in Wonderland.

Here’s a picture of my bookish pillows on my couch in my office.

Our house is littered with bookish items, including my Alice in Wonderland writing gloves, my oldest’s multiple Shannon Messenger prints, my youngest’s Peter Pan and Star Wars quote pillows. We love words. Seeing them decorate the space around us is a joy so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite sites for finding our treasures.

The first is Redbubble. I LOVE REDBUBBLE. Mostly because you can find ANYTHING on there (or at least, anything I’ve been looking for). I’ve gotten several posters, pillow covers, pillows, and computer decals there.

For art prints, we generally shop Society 6. This site has so many things to offer and every piece feels unique. My heart tree by Shannon Messenger is one of my favorite purchases from there.

Another is Hot Topic. The one closest to us is actually a little annoying because (cue the I’m old newsflash) they play their music SO loud. It’s crazy. And usually some sort of thrash metal mixed with squealing squirrels or something. It’s not pleasant. However, if I can tolerate it long enough to dig through their sticker bin, I’ve found some awesome pins and decals that are connected to our favorite stories. They also have a ton of clothing, Pop Funkos (are we just not calling these bobble heads anymore?), and great accessories like Harry Potter socks!

I’m a big fan of Storyarts but I do find, at the moment, it’s limited. My Alice in Wonderland writing gloves were a gift from my bestie and I adore them (and her). It sounds funny (my mom thought I was a weirdo for wanting them) but my fingers and wrists get really cold while I write so I wear them and magic happens (just kidding, I wear them and I’m not as cold). They have items more geared toward the classics. Their stuff is elegant and timeless.

If I’m making something, I prefer sites like Zazzle or Shutterfly. There’s also a used bookstore in our town that is a trove of bookish treasure. My daughters bought a big portion of their Harry Potter trinkets there. I love discovering little stores and shops that carry unique gifts or items I can enjoy and share.

Do you have any bookish collections (other than books)?