Brag Tag…you’re it!

Have you checked the online news lately?

Not exactly happy headlines flying around. I try to avoid the news for this reason, but unless you dig a pretty deep hole in the sand, there’s no way to avoid knowing or seeing that our world is a crazy place.


I was thinking about what to blog about and I started thinking of how when you tell someone a story and they ‘one-up’ you. You know what I mean, right? You tell a crazy story of a trip to the supermarket and how everything went sideways and then the person next to you says they have an even crazier supermarket story.


I want to play on this. I want to share something happy and exciting that is happening in my life and then I want you to try and one-up me. Share your happy story or whatever goodness is going on in your life right now. Let’s give people something to read and smile about. Something to think about besides all of the world chaos we can’t control.


Here’s mine:

That’s my oldest daughter on the left. She’s on the cover of her favorite magazine, Discovery Girls. How incredibly cool is that? It was a long road and an exciting experience that started almost two years ago.


She’d been reading the magazine for quite some time when she decided to apply to be one of the 36 girls they choose every year to take part in the leadership summit. There they talk about issues, form life-long friendships, and take part in creating the magazine.


My Kalie has always been very mature. When she showed me her answers to the questions for the application, I was blown away with the in depth thoughtfulness she applied to each question. Regardless of what happened, I was very proud of her.
On a day that we were already flying high because Fran Black at Literary Counsel took me on as a client, we got some more exciting news. Catherine Lee, the magazine’s founder, called our home to personally tell us that Kalie had been selected.
She was going to California to take part in the four day summit with 35 other girls. I took her to San Jose last February and puttered around a hotel, writing and drinking pop, while my girl got to know other girls and talked about real issues they face. She did photo shoots and had her hair done. She laughed and cried and had really great conversations. It is an experience that will always be part of who she is now.


Her issue of the magazine arrived this week– finally. Her cousin and a few other girls she knew had already received theirs in the mail. The extra wait drove her nuts, but when it finally came, it was such an absolute joy to look through every page with her. Then last night, my husband took her to the store, where the magazine actually sat on the shelf among all of the other magazines. He, of course, bought a copy.


She’s pretty thrilled about the whole thing so there is a lot of excitement in our house right now.
This is my happy story.  

Tell me yours.

Let’s send happiness out into the world so there’s something good to read when people log onto the internet. Aaaand, go!