Count down…

It feels like we JUST had Christmas break and now Spring Break is upon us. I’m not complaining though. As much as I love my day job, there are few things I like more than time off: hanging out with my family, getting to sleep in, going shopping, reading all the books, writing/editing all the other books. Breaks always go too fast because there are so many things we want to do. Here’s what I’m most excited about doing over the two weeks we’ll have off. (7 more work days:)

1. Beauty and the Beast: I cannot wait to see this movie. But I will force myself not to go on opening night. I will see this at some point over spring break…possibly more than once. And then I will buy it and watch it again. My favorite Disney movie is finally going to be live action featuring none other than everyone’s favorite, smarty-pants, female wizard, Emma Watson. The best of two worlds.

2. Going to Victoria: This spring break, my family and I will go see the Miniature Museum on the Island. We’ll also get to see some family we haven’t visited with in too long. And without fail, at some point, my husband will shout, “I’m on a boat”.

3. Hot Topic: This is one of those stores I should want nothing in and yet, I can’t stop myself from wanting it all. We don’t have room for more vinyl figures, but I go in there and I forget that. I can pretend I go in for the kids, but I’m just as fascinated as they are with all of the cool things you can buy.

4. Reading: I’ve been so busy working on edits/writing/edits/writing/more edits, that I haven’t been reading as much as I’d like to. That will change over our two week break. I’m going to overload on some non-fiction, starting with The Magnolia Project and Furiously Happy.

5. Family time: I’m a bit obsessed with my family. I like us all to be in the same house all the time. We can all be doing different things in different rooms, but I love when we’re with each other. I have a pretty cool family. Mind you, by day 15, I’ll probably be ready for some alone time.

Any plans coming up for you and your family? What’s on your ‘wish I could do’ list?