Easter Eggs

Probably not what you’re thinking…but it seemed fitting, given that it’s Easter weekend and all. This Sunday, we’ll be hiding eggs and eating chocolate for days afterward. But I wasn’t actually referring to that particular type of Easter Egg.

A few weeks ago, my family and I watched Moana. It was great– if you haven’t seen it, I’d definitely recommend it. I love Disney movies. Hard. Like seriously love them. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorites. Rapunzel and Ariel are right up there, too. At the end of the show, my daughters asked if we could watch the “Easter Eggs”. I had no clue what they were talking about. Have you heard this phrase before in relation to movies?

I was aware that movies had crossover. For instance, if you freeze the screen at just the right spot, you’ll see Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder walking into the castle during Frozen. Lots of movies and shows have crossover. It makes watching fun when you pick up on a subtle reference to something else you enjoyed. But I had no idea there was actually a name for this intentional little piece of fun. To check out some awesome Disney ones, click here. 

I started to think about the term and for some reason, probably because I’m tired and needed something to write a post about…it seemed very interesting to me. It got me thinking about the Easter Eggs in some of my favorite books.

I mean, this is why people love a series, right? For those little snippets and pieces of characters or situations we originally fell in love with. Some authors are pretty clever about it. For instance, when I read Landline, by Rainbow Rowell, I read right past her hidden reference to one of my favorite books of all time, Fangirl. She doesn’t label Levi and Cath by name, but she describes them and though I didn’t see it at first, I absolutely love that it is there. 

Maybe what fascinates me about these hidden treasures is the idea that they require so much attention to detail. As someone who tends to shy away from plotting, it blows me away that people have the foresight to think ahead and establish so many connections. It’s true of many great shows and movies. Every time I watch an amazing and complicated show, like Billions, and things start coming together, I’m in awe of the writers. Do they start with the end in mind? How do they know how every little piece is going to fall together and fit?

It’s one thing for me to bring back a town or the people I created in one book, but to think ahead…like say…George Lucas does did with Star Wars? That’s incredible. And genius. I wish I had this gift; the ability to see all of the things that could be unraveled as perfect plot devices, explanations, or surprises sometime in the future.

But the truth is, I get an idea and I GO. If I get stuck, I stop, re read, reassess, and go again. There’s nothing wrong with that approach (I don’t think…I’m in trouble if there is), but I admire those that can weave in details so seamlessly.

That’s my random thinking this week as my family heads into the long weekend. Have you found some hidden connections in any of your favorite reads? Share them below.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.