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NatHi all, Renee here. I usually read historical romances, but recently my wonderful fellow blog mate Christina sent me a contemporary called Natural Born Charmer. I was thrilled to see it was written by the much acclaimed Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Even a historical romance reader like myself has heard of SEP’s Chicago Star series. So I dove in with high expectations and wasn’t disappointed.

Natural Born Charmer is about Dean, the hunky quarterback of The Chicago Stars football team. And as the title states he is a natural born charmer—handsome, witty, and quick with a smile. He’s also used to women offering themselves up to him. Then he meets Blue, an artist who doesn’t like growing roots or getting too close to people because of the way she was tossed from one family to another while her mother wandered around the world trying to save its inhabitants. Now Blue is in a predicament because her mom has drained Blue’s bank account in an effort to save some kidnapped girls in South America. Problem is… she never asked and has left Blue with only a few dollars to her name.

The first time Dean meets Blue she is dressed in a beaver costume and walking on the side of the road. I won’t even try to explain this, but it’s a very entertaining scene. So Dean offers her a ride to her place. Blue’s luck is on a downward spiral because in front of Dean her landlady kicks her out when she learns Blue can’t pay her rent, plus her shit-bag ex is there with his new girlfriend. Broke, with few options available, Blue tags along with Dean until he reaches his newly purchased farm home in Tennessee.

On this trip and throughout the story these two have some great banter that really ups the sexual chemistry between them. And since Blue isn’t answering Dean’s booty call, the sexual tension sizzles.

Like most romance characters both Dean and Blue have some major baggage they need to deal with. And though Blue and Dean seem so different, a lot of their issues run parallel to each other.

Besides the fantastic chemistry between these two, Susan Elizabeth Phillips has tossed in a cast of interesting secondary characters like Dean’s rock star dad, his once-groupie mom, a troubled half-sister, and a cranky old woman set on getting revenge not on one or two people but a whole town full of people, which the grumpy woman happens to own. Um, not the people, but the town. This was one of those books that I was sorry to see end because it was one kick-ass read.

So, which Chicago Stars book should I read next? Any suggestions?

Here is a YouTube video with a letter that Susan Elizabeth Phillips has to her fans. I laughed while watching it. Um, sorry, Ms. Phillips , it wasn’t at the end when you gave your age since I’m perpetually 29.


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