A Character Interview with Faline Frey of Freyja’s Daughter

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I’m so excited to welcome my friend and fellow author Rachel Pudelek to the blog today for an interview with her character Faline Frey of Freyja’s Daughter!

Freyja's Daughter CoverTell us a little about yourself? What’s your occupation/job? Where do you live? Single? Divorced?
My name is Faline Frey and I’m a huldra first and foremost. Huldra are Norse tree-women, protectors of the forest who can don the façade of bark on their skin and jump through the trees, although we no longer protect the forests and our bark is more of a light hue at the small of our backs now. I belong to the Washington coterie with my three aunts and three sisters. And as far as single or divorced, while we do date, huldra never marry; it’s too risky. But we each have a partner sister, another huldra born the same year to grow old with. My partner sister is Shawna, and I love her more than life itself.

Do you have any tattoos or birthmarks?
Ha! I have a beautifully confusing tattoo on my thigh surrounding my identification number. Each month I leave a Hunter frustrated with the task of locating my number among all the swirling branches and vines of my tattoo. That’s why when we have our monthly check-ins at our local Hunter complex, I always go last. No sense in making my sisters deal with a frustrated Hunter.

Favorite snack food?
Steak. Always steak.

What was the first thing that attracted you to Marcus?
Other than his face and the way he filled out his police uniform? How he listened when I spoke, how he genuinely cared about what I had to say.

Do you work out?
I’m a huldra, I tree-jump on a regular basis, which is about as intense a work-out as a person can get.

If you could go anywhere in the world with Marcus where would it be?
I’d love to visit Norway, with or without Marcus. In fact, I’d prefer to go with my sister, Shawna, to see the old stomping grounds of our foremothers.

Do you prefer sex under the covers or under the stars?
Maybe it’s the huldra in me, but under the stars, out in nature. It was said that my foremothers used to lure men to the forest for sex. If the man pleased her, she’d allow him to leave the forest and return home happier from the experience. If he failed to please her…she’d take her pleasure in other ways.

What quality do you most admire in a man?
Well, before I met Marcus I would have said the qualities I admire in a man are a mutual respect and good looks. But Marcus breaks the mold and then some. He doesn’t just respect me, he’s interested in me. He doesn’t just look good, he looks amazing. Breaking the mold is dangerous for my kind, but part of me thinks the danger may be worth it when it comes to him.

Would you rather dine on steak, seafood, or vegan?
Ha! As I said earlier. Steak. Always steak. Although, I know other Wild Women who’d vehemently disagree. The mermaids prefer seafood and I’m pretty sure the rusalki are vegan, although I’ve never seen them eat.

Idea of a perfect date?
The perfect mixture of sexual allure and naturally flowing conversation over a steak and wine. It doesn’t matter where, as long as it begins with an emotional connection and ends with a physical connection.

Idea of a perfect after date activity?
His place. On the couch. Naked. You do the math.

Do you believe in sex on the first date?
Huldra don’t do second dates, so sex on the first date is usually the goal. Although, with Marcus, those lines tend to blur a bit.

What actor resembles you the most?
I’m told I look like Sophie Turner, but my sisters disagree.

If a movie was made about your life who would you like to portray you?
Oh, goddess, no. I hope a movie isn’t made about my life. The Hunters wouldn’t allow it anyway; it’d out Wild Women and nobody wants that. We’ve worked too many years to stay hidden.

This or That with Rachel

A quick game of which would you choose:

1. Tom Cruise or Tom Brady? Neither. I prefer my men a bit more…tan.

2. Chris Evans or Chris Hemsworth? Can I say Dwayne Johnson? No? Okay, Chris Hemsworth.

3. Superman or Batman? Superman, hands down. I’d take a man with supernatural powers over money any day.

4. Coke or Pepsi? Cherry Coke

5. Apple or PC? I’ve only every used a PC, so it’s gotta be PC.

6. Early bird or night owl? If I had no job to wake up to and no kids to drive to school, I’d be a night owl. One day, though.

7. Kit Kat or Snickers? Snickers, there’s nothing like chocolate and nuts together. lol

8. Main course or dessert? I’m a lover of bold, flavorful food, so I’m going with main course.

9. Tropical Island or Big City? Tropical island all the way. I need my mama nature.

10. Comedy, suspense, romance movie? It depends on my mood. I prefer fantasy all the time, though.

Rachel PudelekRachel Pudelek is a dog-hugger and tree-lover. Growing up with three sisters sparked her passion for both women’s history and women’s advocacy, which led to her career as a birth doula and childbirth educator. These days she channels those passions into researching and writing fiction, concentrating on birthing books rather than babies. The idea for her debut novel, FREYJA’S DAUGHTER, book #1 in the Wild Women series to be published by City Owl Press, came about while researching how women in folklore have devolved from powerful to weak due to political/and or religious changes in history. Through her stories, Rachel hopes to help women reclaim their powerful folklore and see themselves in the architypes it produces.

When she’s not writing, Rachel works in circulation services at her local public library. She also enjoys hiking, wine tasting, attempting to grow her own food, and reading. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, a cat, and two well-fed guinea pigs. Freyja’s Daughter is her debut novel.