A Once & Future Love — By Anne Kelleher

A Once and Future LoveI’ve been reading romance longer than I’ve been a writer.

I love to read widely across the genre with favorites in historical, paranormal, contemporary, and even young adult.

One of my favorite additions to being a romance reader is the daily BookBub ad list that pings in my e-mail each morning. That’s how I came across the book Once and Future Love by Anne Kelleher. It’s historical romance with a literary fiction feel. I totally loved it.

The gist of the story is this guy, an American, Richard is mourning the loss of his wife when he visits England and takes a tumble in the ruin of an old building. After he falls, he hears a crack and everything goes black. Then he wakes up in 1214 in the body of… okay the new guy’s name is Richard, too. (I’m going to call him Past Richard and the other guy Future Richard.)

Past Richard was a total dick. A brutal force to be reckoned with for everyone, including his wife. But, huzzah! He’s dead. And replaced with Future Richard.

With me so far?

Anyhoo, so Future Richard wakes up in this new body (and it’s a nice body if we are to believe the accounts of Eleanor, Past Richard’s wife.) Eleanor is a doppelganger for Future Richard’s dead wife.

I think you see where the story is going.

Future Richard is now in 1214 and he’s got a second chance at love.

The rest of the story is a beautiful weave of how he falls in love with his new wife, how she falls in love with him, and how they overcome the obstacles of Future Richard in ancient (is that the right word?) times.

So, there you have it. This is what I’ve been reading (and loving).


What about you?