Hot Heroes

I’ve been trying to think of what romance readers want to read about when they’re not reading romance. As a romance reader myself, when I fall in love with a book, I want to know more about everything: the author, the series if there is one, the characters, I want to see fan art and imagine the couple together forever after.

Next month, I have the pleasure of sharing a book birthday with two lovely Entangled authors, Jennifer Hoopes and Kyra Jacobs. On July 17th, we will simultaneously release Hate to Love Him (my third in the Kendrick Place Series), Her Cowboy’s Promise (Jennifer Hoopes), and Her Unexpected Hero (Kyra Jacobs).

Find out more about Jennifer Hoopes here.

Find out more about Kyra Jacobs here. 

To celebrate that, I’ve asked these two ladies to answer some questions AS THEIR HERO. It’ll give you, the reader, a little insight into these sexy men and their thoughts on women, dating, and life.

I can honestly say, after reading the interviews, I’d be happy to spend some time with either one of these guys, but I’m thinking I’m too late because it sounds like their hearts might be spoken for.

Our first interview is Mr.  Adam Conley who is currently a ranch hand at Sky Lake Dude Ranch. He’s the hero of Jennifer Hoopes’ book, Her Cowboy’s Promise.

  1. What makes you happy? When a certain artist smiles and it looks like the grand finale at a Fourth of July event, or when I walk into the local diner and they know how I like my home fries cooked. Who knew I could find happiness in a ranching town.
  2. If you could spend the day at any “event”, what would you choose? The Sunday market in Fly Creek walking hand in hand with Emily and eating watermelon.
  3. What do you consider romantic?Lying in the bed of a truck, in the middle of Clapton field, staring at the stars hoping the woman next to me can feel the connection growing between us.
  4. What do you consider sexy? An inner strength. Someone who moves on with life despite the past dragging them back. The ability to look at something and see something different than what everyone else does and it causes you to alter your viewpoint.
  5. 5What’s your go-to stress reliever? Designing and building things. Working with wood lets me forget about the home I haven’t found yet, and the secret I’m carrying around.
  6. What place makes you feel content?  Any place Emily is. Whether at her store watching her teach Girl Scouts or at Sky Lake Ranch where she’s learning to ride or even at the Wagon Train as she mixes her tea and causes an uproar among the Fly Creek residents.
  7. Describe the perfect evening. Riding up Sunset Trail with Emily and watching the moon and stars rise with her in my arms. Maybe even share a confession or two.
  8. What do you look forward to? Settling down in a place with Emily where we can focus on our future now that we’ve come to grips with our pasts.
  9. One thing you regret. Not confessing a secret sooner.
  10. What article/possession/item means something to you and why? A hand planer that belonged to my grandfather. I’ve moved a lot since I was eighteen and had several careers, but it is the one belonging that has been with me since I was old enough to use it, and one of the few things my father didn’t manage to sell off growing up.

Our second interview is with Mr. Cole Granville who is a musician (guitarist) working as kitchen help at the Checkerberry Inn.  Cole is the hero of Kyra Jacobs’ book, Her Unexpected Hero.

  1. What makes you happy? Playing my guitars and getting lost in chords for a while.
  2.  If you could spend the day at any “event”, what would you choose? I’d love to take Maddie down to some of the Blues festivals in Nashville. Heck, I’d like to go just about anywhere with Maddie. Except EAT – she may kill me if I ever take her to that greasy diner again.
  3. What do you consider romantic? Serenading my girl in front of a room full of people, helping her see that she’s my whole world.
  4. What do you consider sexy? Curves. Lots and loves of God-given curves.
  5. What’s your go-to stress reliever? Time alone with my electric guitar, head phones on and amp turned up.
  6. What place makes you feel content? Maddie’s apartment. I could sit and listen to her stories all evening long, especially if she has me lean back so she can trace her fingertips along my face.
  7. Describe the perfect evening: First, I’d talk Maddie into taking the night off from the Checkerberry. Then I’d order in so we can eat without worrying about dirtying too many dishes. After that, I’d kick off my phone’s “Maddie Playlist” and pulling her into my arms. Not much I enjoy more than slow dancing with Maddie Madds in my arms.
  8. What do you look forward to? Settling down. Before Maddie, I never let myself think about happily ever afters. Now that I’ve had a taste of all that life has to offer, I want it all–a wife, kids, the white picket fence. Maybe even that dog she’s always wanted. Of course, her goldfish will always be welcome in our home, too.
  9. One thing you regret: trying to save my mom from herself for as long as I did. It backfired on my 18th birthday, guess I had to learn the hard way.
  10. What article/possession/item means something to you and why? My acoustic guitar is my most valued possession. It’s nothing fancy, really–got it at a pawn shop in Texas with money I’d saved working odd jobs. For years, when the world around me was falling apart–my mom, her jerk boyfriends, us drifting from town to town–the guitar was my closest companion, its music offering a mental escape.

In the coming weeks, Jennifer, Kyra, and myself will be doing some fun activities to celebrate our releases. Check out our websites or twitter for information.

Thank you to both Jenn and Kyra for sharing their heroes with us on our Romance Chicks blog.

Just for fun, I would love to have people comment with images of stars you think could play the role of either Adam or Cole based on what they said in their interviews. Feel free to fill up the comments section with pictures of good looking candidates.