How the Chicks Celebrate the Big “V”!!!

The day is upon us… the smell of roses drifts through the air. Diets are tossed out the window and boxes of decadent chocolate delivered. Bottles of champagne bubble and fizz. No, it’s not my book birthday, it’s the most romantic day of the year… Valentine’s Day!

As authors of ROMANCE, it’s like Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa all rolled into one. In honor of the big “V” I decided to ask my fellow chicks what they do to celebrate the day with their sweeties or what traditions they hold dear.



Romance Chick Renee suggested starting a new tradition that will show your honey you care throughout the year. Fill a jar with little love notes for your significant other and every week or month, slip one on their pillow or next to their breakfast. The notes can be something romantic like ‘Let’s take a long walk together under the stars tonight’ or something as simple as ‘I’ll Love You for Always’. You can even add something they like to the jar like a coupon for a Back Massage or something else. *wink*

Aw, I like that, Renee!









Romance Chick Jody celebrates with her hubby and two daughters with perfect pink potatoes….

“I have a hard time remembering what I ate for breakfast yesterday, but every now and then, a random memory will pop up in my brain, from long, long ago, and make me smile. This was the case when I told my daughters (years ago now) that when I was younger, my mom used to make pink mashed potatoes. At the time, neither of them liked potatoes, especially mashed, but this memory came back to me and just stuck with me.

My mom always did little things like that…food coloring in the potatoes on Valentines, clues to find our Easter treasures…things I’d forgotten about until I had kids. One of my daughters still won’t eat mashed potatoes, but she asks for them every year, because even if you don’t want to eat them, they’re fun to look at and definitely fitting for Valentines.

The recipe could not be easier. Add red food coloring to your already mashed potatoes. Doesn’t have to be a crazy amount. They turn a perfect shade of pink. If you’re really fancy (like Romance Chick Christina) you could probably pipe them into the shape of roses, but I lack that talent. It’s fun to put a little pink on the plate on this holiday dedicated to love. Maybe one day, my girls will look back, remember it, and make pink potatoes for their kids.”

Jody is probably the sweetest Romance Chick we’ve got… no offense Renee and Christina. But she’s always doing thoughtful, loving things for her family and friends.



Romance Chick Christina is a fancy schmancy chocolatier in her spare time so she shared some advice and a recipe you can make for someone special (or yourself, that counts too!)…

“One of my favorite Valentine’s Day combos is chocolate and marshmallow. I am, admittedly, a chocolate snob. My preferred chocolates are small batch, handmade, using a French Valhrona chocolate or a Belgian Callebaut. I’m as picky when it comes to marshmallows.
Is there such a thing as a marshmallow snob? Yes, yes there is.
I prefer homemade. Homemade? Absolutely. They are ridiculously easy and if you’ve never had a fresh batch of marshmallow… well… you’re missing out. It’s like never having tried melted chocolate in milk for hot cocoa or never having tried peanut butter enrobed in milk chocolate cups.
Fresh marshmallow is, hands down, one of God’s greatest gifts to mankind. Well, that might be extreme, but you get the idea.
Marshmallow Madness! is my go-to book for all things fluffy, sugary, and delish. Shauna also has a blog over at Her Classic Vanilla Marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate are absolutely amazing and make the perfect Valentine’s day treat.
Christy Fun Hint: If you don’t want to take the time to temper your chocolate for dipping, use 1 Tbsp of coconut oil in about 1/2 lb of melted chocolate (be sure you don’t go over 45 degrees Celsius or you’ll burn the chocolate). The coconut oil acts as a stabilizer so the chocolate won’t bloom. “
Oh my gosh, Christina… that looks delicious. On a side note, Christina tried to walk me through “tempering” chocolate last year. After several emails, recommended YouTube videos and a Google chat, I almost had it. Making chocolate is not for the faint of heart or unadventurous.




And as for me, golly gee, it’s like Valentine’s Day everyday at my house!!! Just kidding. By the time I get the Valentine’s cards ready for the kids’ class parties, heart-shaped pancakes made for breakfast and a little lovey gift set out at each kiddo’s spot for when they come down to the table, I’m already pooped. Mr. Crush and I keep things super low key. I won’t let him buy me candy because I don’t want the temptation. (Of course, I’d ALWAYS eat Christina’s chocolates… they’re worth blowing the diet!) I won’t let him buy me flowers because it’s just one more thing I have to take care of and with three kids, two dogs and a cat, the thought of trimming stems and changing out water negates any warm fuzzies I’d get from looking at a vase of roses. So we usually celebrate by meeting up for lunch or getting the kids to bed and ordering take out to eat in. I’ll pour myself a glass of wine from the box and sometimes we go to bed early… if you know what I mean. I usually get him some kind of candy since he’s got such a sweet tooth. If he really wants to make my day he’ll buy me a sweet card and write all kinds of mushy gushy stuff inside and slip in a Starbucks, Amazon or B&N gift card. The man knows the way to my heart!

There you have it… four chicks, four different takes on the Lovie-est day of the year. How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?