Looking back, going forward

I’m sharing one of my very first blog posts today, from my own website. I guess I’m feeling reflective as the romance conference in Denver comes closer. I think back to my first ever writing conference and how little I knew. While there’s still so much I don’t know, in the last five years, I’ve been so blessed to become part of an amazing writing community. Now I get to meet some of those people IN PERSON. Overall, I don’t think I’ve changed much and you can see from the title that I still struggle with the same things I once did.



I’ve never shared my writing with many people. In high school, I wrote poetry (like every angst ridden teen) and some plays. One play was performed by a group of us, so I did share it a bit. Once I went to university, my writing, other than for academics, came to a standstill. As I finished school, I might get the odd burst of need to write something down. A few years ago, I really got back into writing by taking a university writing course to meet my Post Bac. Degree requirements. I started writing short stories, poetry, and short and full length plays. I suppose that was what reopened the door for me.

Since that course, I have played with writing now and again but about two years ago, I started feeling more driven to write. I felt like I had to write something. Having said that, the time I wasn’t writing, I was posting articles online and some in the newspaper so I suppose writing has never really exited my life completely. Still, I’ve never felt such an energy for writing as I do now. I started a couple years ago with a story about my oldest daughter and it kind of snowballed from there.

After attending a writing conference this last October and being blessed enough to receive representation from an agent, I decided that now is the time. If I’m going to write for anyone other than myself, now is the best time to do that because I have someone who is in the industry willing to read my work and guide me.

I’m becoming better at sharing my writing, as a result. And as a result of that, my writing, itself, is becoming stronger. Before I send things to my agent, I want to make sure I’m not wasting her time. So I send to my very best friend and another close friend for revisions, edits, and overall impressions. I specifically asked that they not be gentle with me because there’s no use pretending something is good when it isn’t. Besides that, I have a feel for it anyway. Kind of like when you cook something that tastes awful and people say, “No, no, this is good.” I know when food doesn’t taste good and I know when my writing is not at it’s strongest. However, the benefit, I’ve found, in sharing it, is that ‘beta-readers’ do more than just provide edits. They provide questions and they act as your audience. They help you fill in the gaps and see that maybe you’re not presenting what you meant to.

A lot of people, now that I am letting them see it, ask where I find the time to write. This is the question I often ask of people who say they work out an hour a day. Where do I find the time? In tiny little pockets that show up and in time that is provided for me by my lovely husband who will sometimes take the kids out for a bit.

Sometimes, it’s a real challenge; I will admit that. I get that feeling that I have to get something down on paper but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to cook dinner, give baths, make lunches, do laundry, do marking or planning, or read to my kids. So, I look for those pockets and I make the most of them. Kids gone to the park with dad? I’m writing. Husband watching T.V.? I’m writing. Actually, if I’m watching T.V., I’m often writing as well. I’m often writing while my daughters are asking me three dozen questions or telling me about the life cycle of some animal I’ve never heard of.

I want (and need) to believe that my writing doesn’t throw anything off balance. I hope that my kids don’t feel like something is missing, but honestly, I don’t think they do. We spend lots of time together and one of the most wonderful things that has happened as a result of my new-found desire to write as much as possible, is that my kids are writing; A LOT! My ten year old wrote a beautiful song yesterday. My six year old wrote about saving the Wood Thrush (she’s a little hooked on Wild Kratt’s). It’s a pleasure to see them spend time and energy on something that means so much to me. It’s also nice to see them work this into their schedule; should I write or watch T.V.? Write or play? Write or color? Write or drive my sister nuts while she writes? That last one often wins out for my youngest.

So yes, it’s a balancing act; but I wouldn’t/couldn’t change it anymore than the person who absolutely has to get their work out in or manages to walk their dog at 5 a.m. (I could NOT do that). When you love something though, when you feel like something is an essential part of you, balancing it does not seem difficult. In fact, while I’m balancing everything else, it often seems feels like it’s the break I need.


  • I never did publish a children’s book but still hope to one day
  • I’m no longer with the same agent
  • My agent, Fran, was one of the first agents ever (that summer) to encourage my journey into writing romance. We stayed in contact over the years and she signed me three years ago now.
  • I have the same BFF
  • I’ve published (self, co authored, and different houses) 15 stories and have 3 more to be released this year, 4 scheduled for next year.
  • I’ve become a part of some amazing groups, such as the Romance Chicks and the Cozy Mystery Crew.
  • I’ve helped other authors the way authors have helped me. I’ve learned, easily, that giving back is the best way to show how grateful I am for the wonderful people I’ve met along my journey.
  • It’s still, as Dr. Seuss says, “a great balancing act”, but I think it works.