Love Uncovered- A Romantic Suspense Novel

It’s always exciting when a friend’s book gets published.  So today I’m thrilled to have an excerpt from Diane Holiday’s newest release, Love Uncovered. It’s the second book in her Love Beyond Danger Series. I had the pleasure of reading this and I really enjoyed it! It has a wonderful couple, a nasty villain, and fantastic HEA!

“Love Uncovered blends the tension of a high-stakes corruption case with the charm of a well-realized small-town setting to create a fun, fast-paced story.” – Publisher’s Weekly


Diane HolidayFree-spirited Maddie Cooper never considered settling down—until Scott Fisher. But when the DEA agent left her with a broken heart and no forwarding address, Maddie dug in deeper with her first love: archaeology.

Scott suffered a tragic loss while on assignment and gave up on all the things that brought light to his life, including Maddie. She deserves far better than the dark, dangerous world that consumes him. Staying away from her turns out easier said than done as the man he’s chasing leads him to Maddie’s latest work site. Her spitfire attitude and impulsive nature have a habit of getting her into trouble, and her latest stunt places her in grave danger.

After a devastating break-in at her artifacts storage facility, Maddie’s shocked when Scott is assigned to the case. As if his reappearance and the burglary aren’t enough, a ruthless developer has moved to town and tries to bribe Maddie to falsify a survey. She’s determined to bring the crooked man down without any help, least of all from her former lover. 

But with Maddie’s life on the line, Scott must win back the trust of the only woman he’s ever loved in order to save her, before tragedy strikes again!

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He straightened and returned his attention to the iPad. “I don’t see a statement here about you leaving the parking area, so how did you get into a fight?”

Shit. He wasn’t going to let it go. “I didn’t think it was a good idea to barge in on him, so I tried to lock him in the building.”

“Lock him in from the outside? How?”

“I found a branch and tried to wedge it under the door. Only he shoved it open before I could finish.”

Scott’s eyebrows shot up, and he blinked hard. “You what?”

She nibbled her lower lip and shifted her feet. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. “If I’d had a few more seconds, it would have worked.”

“Let me get this straight.” He closed his eyes and pressed two fingers to his forehead.

She could swear he was counting.

Opening his eyes, he dropped his hand.

Whatever he’d done hadn’t worked to calm him because an incredulous expression with a healthy serving of anger lit his face.

He took a step closer and glared down at her. “You approached an active crime scene with no idea how many people were inside or what weapons they might have, with a stick?”

Her mouth went dry. It sure sounded idiotic coming from his lips. Which were seriously close to hers. His green eyes sparked, and the chiseled lines of his face deepened. In the past, some of their arguments had turned into hours-long sessions of wild sex. No wonder.

About Diane

Diane likes to write heroines who are relatable, everyday people with spunk and wit. Their only superpower is fierce independence. This trait spurs them to take on dangerous challenges and drives their love interests crazy.

Married to a retired Navy Captain, Diane’s husband is her go-to for colorful slang and guy-talk.

Diane is a member of RWA® and a 2016 Golden Heart finalist.