Movies for Mother’s Day!

After reading Jody’s entertaining post about how she’d love to spend Mother’s Day in bed reading and being waited on, I started thinking about what I’d like to do. I might not get to stay in bed for most of the day, but I could sneak in a few hours of me time. And though in Jody’s fantasy, she’s sipping diet soda, I envision myself with a tall glass of something cool with slices of fruit and a colorful paper umbrella. Oh, and since this is my take on Jody’s dream day, I’m also envisioning my hubby giving me a foot massage while I relax, or maybe Sam Heughan feeding me chocolates. Hey, it’s my fantasy, I can imagine what I want.

Now while Jody suggested books that are great Mother’s Day reads, I decided to give a list of movies one could watch at the end of the day. Or if your family is as giving as Jody’s, you could just stay in bed and binge watch these and have them bring you all your meals in bed.


If you’ve got a thing for tearjerkers, I suggest Steel Magnolias. It’s about friendship, love, and the desire to become a mother outweighing one’s own health concerns.


For the mom that enjoys comedies how about Mr. Mom or Freaky Friday.


If you like strong kick-ass moms I suggest Erin Brockovich.


For the mom that likes to laugh, how about Sister Act. It might not have a mom, but it has a Mother Superior.

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For the mom that likes romance with a side of humor maybe Somethings Gotta Give, where a mom with an adult daughter shows she’s still got the right stuff.

So there you have it, my list of Mother’s Day movies. And to all the hard working moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful day!