My Happiness Project

It’s January and generally around this time I set intentions for the year. You might call them resolutions, but really they’re small things I focus on over the course of the upcoming months.

Last year my goal was to organize my pantry. I knew it would take a solid year to accomplish. Turns out, it took nearly a year and an intensive battle with pantry moths to get my pantry wrangled into submission. Bonus, thanks to those invasive moths all of my foodstuffs are now encased in sealed containers that stack very nicely.

The year before, my intention was to learn to do my makeup like a Kardashian. Okay, so I didn’t really want to go that crazy. But I wanted to learn to contour and do a kickass smoky eye. Thanks to a lot of practice, several trips to Ulta, a session at the Lancome counter, and YouTube videos, I got pretty handy with a contour stick! Yes, it took me about a year.

Happiness ProjectThis year I’ve struggled with what I want to focus on. I had a baby last November. I have a book baby coming out this upcoming fall. I lead a generally happy life. Even so, my intention this year will be to launch my own happiness project a la Gretchen Rubin.

I have a happiness journal ready to start this month–each day I will write one sentence of positivity. I can handle that.

I’m also on the lookout for ways to, as Mike Dooley would say, Raise My Vibe. So I plan to check in with his Facebook experiment every day:

That’s where I’ll start, and that’s my 2018 intention.


What’s yours?