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Renee Ann’s 2nd Annual Movies for Mother’s Day Post

Mother’s Day is nearly here, so it’s time for my annual Best Mother’s Day movie suggestions. Last year the movies centered on, well, what else… Moms. This year I’ve listed five picks that are about love and romance. These are feel-good movies that you can watch after the day’s activities […]


Hey Romance Chicks! If you haven’t checked out Ana Coqui’s #RomBkLove hashtag on Twitter, all during the month of May she has guest posters covering a variety of romance novel topics! Authors wondering how you can participate in #Rombklove : 1. Remember this is a reader space, but join in […]

Top 5 Places I Want to Read

With the weather turning warmer and spring well underway, I’ve been thinking about what comes next… Summer! For some reason summer seems to provide the perfect excuse to slow down, sit outside, sip on a sweet tea and catch up on my ever-growing TBR pile. Hanging out on the deck […]

Dylann Crush

The Companion’s Secret 1

It’s always exciting when a writer friend has a release! So, I’m thrilled to share with you a little about Susanna Craig’s latest Regency romance, The Companion’s Secret, book 1 in her Rogues & Rebels series. Rebellious hearts prove hard to tame—but can England’s most dangerous rake be captured by […]

A Once and Future Love

A Once & Future Love — By Anne Kelleher 1

I’ve been reading romance longer than I’ve been a writer. I love to read widely across the genre with favorites in historical, paranormal, contemporary, and even young adult. One of my favorite additions to being a romance reader is the daily BookBub ad list that pings in my e-mail each […]

Owning Your Own Process 1

Lots of people talk about their process… how much they love it, how much they hate it, how much they respect it. Over the course of writing a half dozen manuscripts, I’ve learned a couple of things about my own writing process and I thought I’d share… I hate writing. […]

Dylann Crush

Coming soon… 1

This writing thing…no matter what stage you’re at…is hard. The thing that makes it easier to get through all the waiting and wondering and wishing is your writing pals. When one of us succeeds, we all do and I’m so very thrilled to share the second novel of the Fly […]