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My Happiness Project

It’s January and generally around this time I set intentions for the year. You might call them resolutions, but really they’re small things I focus on over the course of the upcoming months. Last year my goal was to organize my pantry. I knew it would take a solid year […]

Happiness Project

Dylann Crush

“READ ME FIRST” Books for 2018 1

Yes, I’m a writer, and a soon-to-be-published one! But long before I ever considered becoming an author, I was a self-proclaimed voracious reader. Oh, how I miss those days of curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and nothing but a good book and a long afternoon ahead […]

Saying goodbye to 2017 1

First, it should be said I’m not good at goodbyes. Or endings. But they happen all the same. Rather than dwell on what’s gone and how quickly it went, I’m going to try very hard to embody my favorite Dr. Seuss quote. DON’T CRY BECAUSE IT’S OVER, SMILE BECAUSE IT […]

Review of Elizabeth Hoyt’s Once Upon a Christmas Eve 2

It’s the holiday season. A time filled with shopping, baking, and family. But it’s also nice to read a favorite or new romance while snuggled under a blanket and recharge yourself with a little Me Time. I’ve always been a fan of Elizabeth Hoyt, so I was thrilled to get […]

Christina’s Christmas Post 1

Hey there Romance Chicks! With a newborn and an amazingly grateful heart, I had the best plans to write a snappy post about the holidays, books, and life, etc. It would’ve been brilliant. Epic, really. Alas, I have a newborn so the best laid plans didn’t yield the post I’d […]

Dylann Crush

A Very Spirited Twelve Days of Christmas 1

‘Tis the season to be festive, right? So in the spirit of the holidays, I’m getting, well, a little spirited myself. I decided to create a little tune for y’all that goes along with the “Twelve Days of Christmas.” You know the melody. Ready? Hit “Play” and let’s sing along… […]

My favorite Christmas reads 1

I just realized that one of the reasons I like Christmas so much is probably because of how much I love the familiar. I love the repetition of our traditions and knowing what to expect. I love watching movies I know the end of because I don’t have to worry […]

Guest Author Tara Kingston and a Giveaway! 1

It’s always exciting when a fellow writer and friend releases a new book. Tara Kingston and I met when I joined RWA’s Hearts Through History Chapter.  Tara writes characters who are smart and sexy, and on November 27, she’ll be releasing the second book in her Highland Heart Series, Lady Evelyn’s […]