My Outlander Dream Came True

That title may be a tad bit misleading. If my real Outlander dream came true then I wouldn’t be here writing this post. I’d be whisked away by James “Jamie” Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser and re-enacting that wedding night scene with the…



Oh, crap… on the off-chance Mr. Crush is actually reading the blog today, let me try that again.

Ahem, my Outlander dream did indeed come true last weekend, thousands of miles away from Scotland in the uh… highlands?…  of Phoenix, Arizona at the Desert Dreams Writing Conference. Instead of being surrounded by men in kilts, I was awash in a sea of writers (the vast majority of them being female.) We sipped sangria instead of Scottish whisky and toodled around town in a rented Hyundai instead of saddling a silver steed.

But… among the fabulous workshops, the scrumptious omelet bar, and the free nightly happy hour, one incident stood out… having HERSELF sign a copy of one of my favorite books of all time… OUTLANDER.

She was gracious, soft-spoken and kind. She posed for pictures and signed her name a countless number of times. She delivered an amazing talk that left us amused, awestruck and inspired. She was in one word… AWESOME.
Dylann Crush Diana Gabaldon

Even though I’m a writer, I was first, and always will be a reader. I’ll still fangirl over my favorites and become tongue tied around the authors who’ve inspired me. Maybe someday I’ll manage to speak in full sentences and not make a complete fool out of myself. But what fun would that be?


In the meantime I’ll treasure my signed hardcover of Outlander and keep re-reading that wedding night scene. Mr. Crush won’t mind… I guarantee it.

Which author do you dream of meeting in person someday?

Dylann Crush