Saying “da” to a Red Hot Russian with Elizabeth Harmon

Hi, Dylann here. We’ve got a special treat today… we’re happy to be able to feature friend and fellow romance author, Elizabeth Harmon, on the blog on the release day of her new Red Hot Russians novella. I first met Elizabeth in an online forum as I searched for roommates to share a hotel room in NYC for the RWA annual conference. At that point she’d just released her first book, Pairing Off which was nominated for a prestigious RITA Award the following year. It’s been exciting to watch her writing journey and I love her red hot Russians! Take it away, Elizabeth…

As the author of the Red Hot Russians contemporary romance series, I’m often asked “why Russian heroes?”

First, let me say that it has nothing to do with our current politics!

The idea for the series came when I decided to write about a pairs figure skating duo who fall in love as they train for the Olympics. Because the U.S. has relatively few male figure skaters, and Russia has so many, it just made more sense for my compromised American pair skater heroine to pair up with a guy from Moscow, rather than Minneapolis.

It was also a chance to write a new, and different sort of hero. Typically Russian heroes are ruthless hitmen, billionaires, or spies.  But just as sexy American and British heroes come in plenty of varieties, I felt like there was room for a kinder, gentler Russian hero too.

In my new release, Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella, Alexei Zaikov is the head of an Antarctic research station that’s about to be closed down. His work, the beautiful Antarctic wilderness and the close knit Amity Bay community, are his life. But Alexei’s love for living at the bottom of the world is a deal-breaker where women are concerned, and he’s all but given up on finding love. Until he meets American artist Nora Bradford, the mysterious inhabitant of a luxurious guesthouse built on Amity Bay’s outskirts. Nora loves Antarctica as much as Alexei does, and wants to help him save Amity Bay. But will the truth about her role in the station’s demise doom their romance?

Rugged, blond Alexei’s good looks and kind heart are just what Nora needs to put her sad past behind her. Because they’ve both loved and lost, neither is ready to jump into another relationship.  And with a novella-length story set over the span of three days, moving them toward an HEA was a bit of challenge. So I fell back on the part of romance I love most—scenes where they’re discovering why they’re perfect for each other.

Because my series can be read in any order, if sweet, sexy and Russians sound like your flavor of vodka, say privyet to a few more…

Anton Belikov from Pairing Off– Pair skater Anton is tall, dark and handsome. His brooding good looks come from gypsy ancestors, but his reputation in the sports world is anything but shady. He’s respected, hard-working and once he’s paired with rock-music loving American skater Carrie, a force to be reckoned with on the ice.

Vladimir Shustov from Turning It On– Former ice dancer Vladimir is willing to do almost anything to escape from the life of crime and corruption that claimed his mother’s life.  A career as a male stripper brings him to Miami, where Vlad the Bad struts his stuff for adoring fans. But he’s still haunted by lost dreams and bad choices. Can shy Hannah’s love and acceptance give him the courage to become the honorable man he longs to be?

Mikhail “Misha” Zaikov from Getting It Back– Blond, blue-eyed Misha was a two-time Olympic figure skater until a devastating injury ended his competitive career. Once a celebrity in his homeland, he’s stranded in small-town USA, flipping burgers, until a reunion with Amy, his former love, and athletic trainer, gives him hope of regaining all that he lost, both on and off the ice.

Heating It Up: A Red Hot Russians Novella is available at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iTunes, & Smashwords.

You can find Elizabeth at her website:, on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks, Elizabeth for stopping by and best of luck with your new release!