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It’s that time of year–the time when all of my Facebook friends start a daily list of all the things they’re grateful for. I don’t have to stick-to-it-iveness to commit to a daily post. But I figured I’d sit down and see if I could come up with a short list of things I’m thankful for this year. It’s been a whirlwind twelve months so there’s lots to think about. Ready or not, here I go…

T is for Thor – God of thunder and inspiration for countless numbers of romance novel heroes. I’m grateful for Thor, specifically the in-the-flesh Chris Hemsworth version, for not only inspiring the hotties who grace the pages of my works in progress, but also many of the other book boyfriends I’ve fallen for over the past few years.


H stands for Helping Hands – Writing is a lonely job. Until you ask your author friends for help and then there’s no end to the constructive feedback, plot advice, general knowledge and swift kick in the derriere the members of my tribe will provide. Sometimes even without prompting. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the other authors I’ve met along this crazy publishing journey.


A for my Agent – My agent is a superhero. Seriously, we made T-shirts. I wouldn’t be where I am on my path to publication without the cheery encouragement of the fabulous Jessica Watterson. Not only is she a blast to hang out with, she’s also extremely koala-fied (she has a thing for koalas so I like to make this joke every chance I get) to get me where I need to go. And she’s not shy about telling me exactly where that is, either! Muah! Love ya, Jess!


N means No nonsenseness – Since there’s no “E” in thankful, I had to get creative on how to pull my editor into the mix. I’ve been knee-deep, no, let’s make that chin-deep, in edits for the past week and I’m amazed at the way the incredible Mary Altman from Sourcebooks is able to wade through my chapters of crap and push me to put my best words on the page. And there’s been crap, people. Thanks, Mary for not letting me get away with tossing slop. My book will be a million times better because of you!Corrections

K is for Kismet – Ever get the sense that fate hands you the people you need to meet and the things you need to experience at exactly the right time? I’ve been freaked out by how often that’s happened to me, especially since I started writing. Connections, coaches, and colleagues keep getting tossed at me—often precisely at the moment I realized I needed them. It’s fantastically freaky and I hope it continues.


F for my Family—They’re my WHY. The reason I get up each morning and do the bazillion un-fun things I have to do each day. My hubby and three kiddos inspire me, make me laugh, and push me to be the best mom, wife and person I can be. I’m blessed beyond belief to get to be a part of their lives and I hope I never take that gift for granted.


U means Us – The Romance Chicks—You, chickadees! I’m so grateful for YOU. For this community, this place where I can share my love of reading and writing with others who feel the same way. And for Renee, Christy and Jody… my soul sisters, who send me smiles across the miles, who are always there to cheer, to commiserate, to provide the perfect GIF… #ImARomanceChick!

L like for Lovers – Book lovers, that is. I suppose I’m thankful for all lovers, because what’s bigger and brighter than LOVE? But most importantly book lovers. You’re the ones who gave me this opportunity to bring my stories to the page. Without readers there would be no writers. And in my opinion, that means the world would be a very boring, uncolorful place.


There you go… things I’m thankful for in 2017. What lifts your heart? What are you grateful for over this past year?

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