Take the Unscientific Procrastinators Test

I just filed my income taxes on April 17th. Yes, I’m one of those filers that waits until the eleventh hour. Sometimes I’m a hopeless procrastinator.

The dictionary defines a procrastinator as one who puts off until another day or time, defers; delays. Before completing my taxes last week, I contemplated reading a book, binge watching a Netflix series, and filing an extension. It doesn’t make sense, especially since I’m getting a refund. Though it’s very small, and sometime size does matter. But even if it had been enough to score a kick-ass vacation, I would have probably filed the last week. So why do I always put it off? Is it the rush I get for squeaking in just before the clock strikes midnight? Perhaps. Maybe it’s a defective gene. A self-taught trait. They’ve actually done tests to determine the cause of procrastination. I won’t read them. I really don’t want to delve too deep into my psyche.

So are you a procrastinator like me? Here are 9 statements that will help you determine if you’re the dreaded P word. Give yourself one point for every statement that reflects you. If you score over 50% there is a good probability you are a procrastinator. And if you decide not to take the test today and put if off until tomorrow, score yourself a perfect 9.

1.) You make your New Year’s resolution in June.
2.) You always file your taxes on April 15, or the last day.
3.) You orgasm a half hour after your partner.
4.) You arrive at surprise parties after the guest of honor.
5.) You finally decided on the perfect birth control after your third child was born.
6.) In college you finished your term papers a half hour before class, sometimes in class.
7.) You get a sense of euphoria when you race against the clock.
8.) You always bring your car for inspection on the last day of the month even though you know the lines will be a bitch.
9.) You always go Christmas shopping on Dec. 24 even though you swear each year you’ll never do it again.

So how did you do? Are you a procrastinator like me, or are you like my husband who breaks out in hives if things are left waiting to the last minute? Can you think of any other circumstances that would label you a procrastinator? And if you’re wondering when I completed this post, I’ll have to plead the fifth and not admit I was under the clock and recycled this from an older post I did on another blog. 🙂