The Three Words You Need to Survive the Rest of Summer…

There once was a time I couldn’t wait to see summer come to an end. But now I have school-aged kids and just with other things in life, my perspective on summer has shifted. We’ve entered the home stretch… Labor Day is within sight. Life is sweet.

But wait… two and a half more weeks. We still have two and a half more weeks until I’ll have my house back to myself during the hours of 9am-2:45pm.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. Being a mom is everything I ever hoped it would be and so much more. Some days the “so much more” is awesome… watching their personalities emerge… seeing them experience the world… hearing from other people how mature and lovely my kids have become. Other days the “so much more” includes mediating fights the level of a cage match between siblings over who gets to use the ketchup first. (Not even joking.)

In an effort to survive the last few weeks of summer, I’ve got three words for you… books, beverages and bail.


There are some amazing books out right now. Pick one up and lose yourself for a day, an afternoon, or even an hour. Taking a break to read puts me in a better mindset. I can tune out the arguing, the constant “Mom, Mom, Mom” and escape into a story where I know things will have a happy ending. Need a recommendation? Visit the Romance Chicks Facebook group and take a look at all of the books our members have posted on our #FeedAnAuthorFriday or better yet, pick up a recent release from Renee Ann Miller, Jody Holford, Christina Hovland or myself. (Shameless plug, yes.)


What’s your jam? Coffee? Tea? Whiskey straight out the bottle? If I’m having a particularly challenging week/day/afternoon with my kids I’ll play a little game with myself. If I can make it through the day/hour/minute without losing my $h!t then I’ll reward myself with a Frappucino, a bottle of Snapple or sometimes a Flirtini from my favorite local bar with a patio. The grapefruit Flirtini is my favorite. It comes with a flute of champagne on the side. Dang, I’m feeling the need for a flirtini right now…


It’s not what you think… I’m not suggesting you go on a bender that lands you in lock-up where you’ll require a bail bondsman. By “bail” I mean take a break from your responsibilities for a bit. Bail on the never-ending list of chores, take an afternoon off of work and go see “The Spy Who Dumped Me” so you can get your Sam Heughan fix. I took HoneyBee on a girls’ night to see it last week. Yes, it’s rated “R” and I should have known better. But hey, now my 14yo has expanded her horizons and I’m angling for Mom of the Year.

Better yet, go for the trifecta… Toss the kids in the van, grab a book and your favorite beverage and bail on whatever you thought you needed to get done. Head to the lake or the park instead. After all, summer is fleeting and before you know it you’ll be home all alone, reading, drinking and bailing all by yourself. Ah, life is indeed sweet. Two and a half more weeks.

Dylann Crush