What a week

Only four years ago, I thought I would never hold one of my books in my hands.

Yesterday, I released my tenth title. Surreal, right?

The Bad Boy Next Door is the second book in my Kendrick Place series (Entangled Publishing). If you haven’t read the first, the series is about a historic apartment building in downtown Boston. I wanted to write a story where the characters were connected by a central location. This turned into three stories that shared how feelings of family, love, loyalty, and friendship grew out of sharing space.

Wyatt Daniels appears in book one and is one of my favorite characters I’ve written. He’s a tad introverted, a whole lot suspicious of others, and often grumpy. As a former undercover detective, he’s acclimating and readjusting to a normal life after a bad assignment.

Shay Matthews is sunshine to Wyatt’s gloomy cloud. She’s optimistic and determined to show her family– who tends to baby her– that she can stand on her own two feet. Unless Wyatt accidentally sweeps her off of them.

It’s been a fun and busy week. I love when people let me know they’ve enjoyed the story and connected with the characters. Some of my highlights this week include a Harlequin Junkie spotlight, a great blog tour organized by Indiesage, and the many people who’ve shared, tweeted, re-tweeted, and helped to promote the release.

So what do I know now that I didn’t know 9 books ago?

Well, it doesn’t get less scary. I still wonder if people will like my words, my characters, and the story I chose to tell.

The promoting part is still tricky. I feel very proud of having another book out, but that doesn’t make it any easier– even with my friends and family actually– to say, hey, did you want to buy a copy of this?

There’s no one right way to do any of it. I’ve had Facebook parties, blog tours, done take-overs and interviews, shared excepts and teasers, done giveaways…every route I’ve taken has been fun and exciting. So, I’m honestly not sure which one I would recommend, but I can tell you that connecting with readers is an absolute thrill.

It’s not a sure thing. Even after ten books, I still wonder, do I have more in me? Does this idea work? Will I have anymore solid ideas? How do I start this next one and keep people interested? Writing books is not like other things (not for me anyway)  where the more you do it, the less intimidating it is to do it again. Every book is a journey.

Balance is necessary. Writing is something I do around working, mommying, and wifing full time. It can consume me. I need to remind myself that it’s okay to step back and breathe. My writing goes better when I make sure that the other areas in my life are getting the attention they deserve as well.

There’s still time to enter the giveaway of a signed paperback copy of The Bad Boy Next Door, a cute bookmark, and a notebook.