Writer’s Resources

A few years ago, I decided to write a novel. I made my New Year’s Resolution to “finally write that book.” I was admittedly unaware of all that it would take to produce a coherent piece of fiction over 50,000 words.

Along my journey I’ve discovered some great resources for writers. Here are some of my favorites:

Scene and Structure
By Jack Bickham

I’ll be honest, this book reads as a textbook. It hurt my brain at times, but it’s a fantastic read to understand how scenes work, the pieces of them, and what a writer needs to understand to produce pages that keep readers hooked.

The workshops at Writer University.

I’ve taken workshops with Laura Baker (her Story Magic course will make you think and re-think how you craft your story) and Laurie Schnebly Campbell (the Plotting via Motivation and Plot to Finish courses were my favorite). I can’t recommend these courses enough.

Anything from Lawson’s Writing Academy.

Margie Lawson is the industry go-to for digging deep into your characters and stories to create a manuscript that readers cannot put down. You’ll also learn snazzy new words along the way.

On Writing Romance By Leigh Michaels

This was one of the first books I read when I started my writing journey. It’s straightforward and lays out many of the industry standards that I didn’t know existed for romance writers.

Mastering Word with Joan Leacott

This is a workshop I stumbled into. I’ve always felt very comfortable with Microsoft Word, but in Joan’s course I learned that I wasn’t even scratching the surface. The formatting skills I learned from her were hands down some of the best knowledge I’ve received from a workshop. Even if you aren’t indie publishing your novel, you’ll learn things about manuscript formatting you never knew you needed.

Happy Writing (and Reading)!